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Welcome to the Tullow Community School Website

Tullow Community School was established in 1978 from the amalgamation of the Brigidine Convent Secondary School, the Patrician Brothers Secondary School and Tullow Vocational School. It aims to provide a comprehensive system of post-primary education open to all the children of the community. The school is co-educational and multi-denominational.


2nd Year class timetable for Monday 31st of August.

Monday August 31st

2nd Years

11:15am               2 Lilac/Hawthorn             Science

                                2 Fern                                    History

                                2 Aspen                                English

11:55am               2 Lilac/Hawthorn              Science

                                2 Fern/Aspen    French/German

1:20pm                 2 Lilac                                    Geography

                                2 Hawthorn                        English

                                2 Fern                                   Geography

                                2 Aspen                                Religion

2:00pm                 2 Lilac/Hawthorn              Irish

                                2 Fern                                   Religion

                                2 Aspen                                Geography

2:40pm                 All classes                            Maths

3:20pm                 2 Lilac                                    English

                                2 Hawthorn                        Geography

                                2 Fern                                   English

                                2 Aspen                                History

5th Year class timetable for Monday 31st of August 2015.
Monday 31st of August.

5th Years

11:15am               ConstructionStudies/Geography/French/German

11:55am               Irish

1:15pm                 LCVP/PE        Those students not taking LCVP please bring inPE gear.

2:40pm                 Religion

3:20pm                 Biology/Chemistry/Construction/Engineering/History/HomeEc

6th Year class timetable for 31st of August 2015.
6th Years

6th Years

10:20am               Biology/Construction/DCG/French/German

11:15am               Irish

11:55am               English

1:20pm                 Biology/Business/Engineering/Geography/History/Physics   (Double Class)

2:40pm                 Art/Biology/Construction/HomeEc/Physics    (Double Class)

3rd Year class timetables for Monday 31st of August 2015

Monday 31st ofAugust 2015.

3rd Years

10:20am               3 Lime                                   PE

                                3 Sycamore                         Religion

                                3 Ebony/Rosewood        Maths

11:15am               3 Lime/Sycamore             Maths

                                3 Ebony                                                PE

                                3 Rosewood                       PE

11:55am               3 Lime                                   Geography

                                3 Sycamore                         SPHE

                                3 Ebony                                                PE

3 Rosewood                       PE

1:20pm                 3 Lime/Sycamore             Home Ec/Woodwork/Tech Graphics  (Double Class)

                                3 Ebony/Rosewood        Science (Double Class)

2:40pm                 3 Lime/Sycamore             Irish

                                3 Ebony/Rosewood        French/German

3:20pm                 3 Lime/Sycamore             French/German

                                3 Ebony                                                Religion

                                3 Rosewood                       CSPE

Dates for return to school.
The building work is still ongoing but is making good progress. The work is scheduled to run right up to the end of the month. The provisional dates for students return to school is during the week of the 31st of August 2015. 
The provisional dates are as follows:
Monday 31 st of August : 2nd/3rd/5th/6th Year students are in school.
Tuesday 1st of September: 1st year students ONLY for the full day (gym gear required).
Wednesday 2nd of September: 1st/3rd/6th Year students only.
Thursday 3rd of September: All students EXCEPT Transition Year.
Friday 4th of September: All students in the school.
Monday 7th of September: All students in the school.
Please be aware of the fact that these dates are provisional and are subject to change if we encounter unexpected delays in the building work. 

Latest News

TY’s have a blast at the Enamelling Workshop

Ann Murphy (Eala Enamelling) who first of all is an artist that specializes in enamelling, gave an excellent workshop to the transition year group.

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'School of Sound' wins National Social Media Award

Congratulations to the Carlow County Enterprise Award winners 'School of Sound' and their Enterprise Teacher Brian Larkin who represented County Carlow at the National Student Enterprise Awards held in Croke Park last Wednesday the 22nd of April. 'School of Sound' won the award for the 'Most Effective Social Media Campaign'at the National Finals. 

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JCSP group travel to Dublin

The JCSP group traveled to Dublin by train to attend the exhibition of their book entitled “Our Celtic Heritage”. They had been working on this as an art project with Ms Corrigan since September.

While in Dublin they also visited The National Wax Museum, as part of their Gallery Visit Art Initiative. 

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Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week was held recently in the school. Students covered the topic in classes and competitions were held in Art, Poetry and Short Story writing.
The winners were:

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School of Sound Wins the Carlow County Enterprise Award.

Congratulations to the ‘School of Sound’ Mini Company from Tullow Community School who won the overall Carlow County Enterprise Award on Thursday the 12th of March. This is a huge achievement for the ‘School of Sound’Company and their Enterprise Teacher Mr. Brian Larkin is very proud of Transtition Year Students Roisin Cullen, Amy Redmond, Betty Szczeponek and Lauren Shannen.

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