The Function of the Board of Management

All Community and Comprehensive Schools and Colleges and the great majority of Voluntary Secondary Schools now have Boards of Management. Under requirements set out in the Education Act, 1998 it is expected that all schools will soon operate under a Board of Management structure. The Board of Management of a community school consists of 10 members. Three members are nominated by the religious authority. Three are nominees of the local county Vocational Educational Committee. Two parents of pupils in the school and who are resident in the area are elected. Two teacher nominees are elected by all the teachers in the school.

The board’s main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students and to provide an appropriate education for each student at the school.

In carrying out its functions, the board must:

  • Act in accordance with Ministerial policy
  • Uphold the ethos of the school and be accountable to the trustees for this. The word ethos is not used in the Education Act 1998. It is described in the Act as the ‘characteristic spirit of the school as determined by the cultural, educational, moral, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions which inform and are characteristic of the objectives and conduct of the school’.

  • Act in accordance with the law and with any deed, charter, or similar instrument relating to the school.

  • Consult with and inform the trustees of decisions and proposals.

  • Publish the school’s policy on admission to and participation in the school, including its policy on expulsion and suspension of students, admission and participation by students with disabilities or with other special educational needs.

  • Ensure that the school’s admissions policy respects the choices of parents and the principles of equality and that it complies with Ministerial directions, having regard to the school ethos and the constitutional rights of all concerned.

  • Have regard to the efficient use of resources (particularly the grants provided by the State), the public interest in the affairs of the school and accountability to students, parents and the community.

  • Use the resources provided by the State to make reasonable provision and accommodation for students with disabilities or special needs, including, if necessary, the adaptation of buildings or provision of special equipment.

Board of Management

Position Name
Chairperson Ms  Pauline Egan
Secretary Mr. Paul Thornton
Trustees Br. Camillus Regan
Ms. Cynthia Deane
VEC Nominees Ms. Pauline Egan

Ms. Jenny O’Regan-Byrne

Mr. Brian O’Donoghue

Parent Nominee Mr. Tim Healy

Mrs. Helen Tooher

Teacher Nominees Ms. Siobhan Kelly

Ms. Mairead Gray

Religious Nominee Ms. Patricia O’ Callaghan

Ms. Imelda Keogh