Tullow Community School has a very active Student Council

The Student Council is representative of all the students in the school. Every class has at least one representative on the council.

President: Diarmuid Gavin

Deputy: Sinèad Hickey

Secretary: Lauryn Faulkner

Committe: Caoimhe Deering, Alice Carroll, Marshall Condren, Leanne Savage, Eoghan Cleary, Kieran Orbinski, Frank Morris, Ava Clarke, Orlaith Kealy, Eoin Dalton, Ben Ward, Aine Jackman, Jaden Doyle, Emily Fleming

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is the voice of the students in Tullow Community School. It gives the students the opportunity to express their opinions and to suggest changes where possible that benefit the students and the running of the school. The aim of the Student Council is to work in partnership with management, staff and parents for the benefit of the whole school community. As part of that process, the Student Council seeks to provide a line of communication between students, staff, management and parents, representing the views of the students on issues that concern them. Tullow Community School has been very progressive in providing a voice for its students.

The Council Committee meets at least once a month. The principal meets the Council regularly giving the students the opportunity to have their voice heard at management level. Members of the Council also regularly meet with members of staff and they have addressed staff meetings, Parent council meetings and Board of Management meetings on matters of school policy.

Who is on the Council?

The Student Council Committee consists of at least one representative from each year group. At the beginning of every year each class elects two students to be put forward to the Council, where the Committee Members are then elected.

The Committee consists of three officers: President, Deputy President and Secretary.

The Student Council is a great way for students to get involved with the school, other students, staff, management and parents in a very positive way. Representing the students is a great honour.

The council has its own bank account. The Debs Committee also use this account. At least one senior member of the council is also a member of the Debs committee which allows both groups to work together.

The current Student Council has been very active recently. Activities include:

  • Assisting with the preparation and running of parent/teacher meetings.
  • Participating in meetings with management regarding issues of concern for all students.

The Student Council gets involved in school celebrations. In the past members were involved in the Bicentenary Celebrations for the Brigidine order which was held on Friday February 2, 2007. Members of the student council have attended the AGM of the Union of Secondary Students which is usually held in the grounds of the Department of Education in Dublin during the first week of the Easter break.