Information to parents re: 2nd Year Irish Classes in Tullow Community School  2021-2022.

The school has the following procedure to allocate what Irish class a student will be assigned to in 2nd year.

The selection criteria for Higher or Ordinary Level will be based on a common assessment of September’s work. The topics examined will be Laethanta Saoire and Mé Féin. A maximum of thirty students can be accommodated in any one class.  The students with the highest marks in this test will receive a place in the honours class, until the maximum of thirty is reached.

The students doing Honours will be using the text book Turas 3,, by Risteard Mac Liam. The Ordinary Level students will need Turas 2,, by Risteard Mac Liam. Please do not purchase the textbooks until levels are decided.


The Irish Department

Tullow CS