5th Year Subject Option Forms for the School Year 2021-22


3rd and TY students:  The 5th year subject option forms will be available online from 7pm, Thursday February 4th, to 4pm Tuesday February 9th.

During Thursday February 4th, a text message will be sent to a parent/guardian with a link to access the form.  Mobile phones, laptops and tablets can be used to fill out the forms.

Please fill in your name and class.

Carefully select your subject choices numbers 1 to 4, with number 1 being your 1st choice.

Please enter a 5th choice, in case you are unsuccessful in your first four choices.  We will endeavour to accommodate you with your first four choices, but this is not always possible.

Question 7:  Select YES or NO for LCVP (Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme)

Do not leave it blank

If you enter YES, make sure that your subject choices qualify for LCVP.

Refer to the Power Point presentation for 3rd Years, by Ms. C. Doyle, on the school website.

Ms. Ashe

Deputy Principal