Garda Darren Leahy of Carlow Garda Station will be talking to all First Year classes about Bullying, Cyber Bullying and how to stay safe on line.
Any First Years who can identify where kindness triumphs over bullying in any piece of literature win a prize in the school library.
An Act of Kindness Tree is being decorated with leaves which indicate the acts of kindness the students are doing.
Students are creating an Anti-Bullying Graffiti Wall, decorating it with famous quotes, song lyrics, names of famous people who speak out against bullying in our world etc.
S.P.H.E. and Pastoral Care classes are watching programmes on Autism and living with a physical disability.
Lots of activities are taking place to highlight the importance of kindness and acceptance of difference.
On Friday students will raise money for Autism awareness charity AsiAm as it’s founder Adam Harris spoke to classes last year.