May 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The State Exams Commission is the body that is responsible for running the State Exams, but as the exam centres are located in the school and the students of this school are the main candidates to sit their exams in these centres, the school then has a role in ensuring the smooth operation of the exams.  For this reason there are a number of issues I wish to bring to your attention in advance of this year’s exams.

If your son/daughter is sitting their Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate Exams in this school there are a number of school procedures that will have to be enforced this year in order to ensure that the school can continue to facilitate the SEC in arranging exam centres in the future.

  • Uniform – candidates are reminded that full school uniform must be worn by all candidates throughout the examination period. If a student breaches the uniform code during the exams, the school will have to contact home and issue a letter informing the parents/guardians of the situation and further sanctions will have to be imposed.  These sanctions will include students not being invited to further school activities or having to reapply for entry to the school for fifth year or have an effect on the reference the school will provide for the student.


  • Mobile Phones – it should be noted that mobile phones cannot be brought into the examination centre. Candidates are advised not to leave valuables such as mobile phones, money etc. around the school.  The school cannot accept responsibility for such items.


  • Punctuality – candidates should attend punctually for each examination. On the morning of the first exam they should be present 30 minutes before starting time to allow for signing of the register.  It is the responsibility of each individual student to be present and on time for the examination.


  • Time available for exams – it is strongly recommended that candidates should remain in the centre for the duration of the examination.


  • We also have to address the issue of candidates leaving exams early. A procedure will be put in place within the school for students who leave exams early.  All students who leave exams early will be required to report to a study hall which will be set up in the school for the duration of that particular exam.  Again, if a student does not report to the study hall after leaving an exam early it will be viewed as a serious breach of the school exam procedures and further serious sanctions will have to be imposed.  This action has to be taken because of the level of disruption that was caused in previous years to the State Exams by students leaving exams early and making noise and disrupting the whole school.  I would appreciate parents and students co-operation with these measures.


Please find enclosed, Candidate Information Booklet, which contains the Leaving Certificate Examination timetable.  A copy of the Junior Certificate timetable is enclosed for Junior Certificate students.


Finally, we would like to wish each and every student the very best of success in the coming examinations and we look forward to having a successful exam season.


Yours truly,


_____________________                        ____________________

Paul Thornton,                                                 Martina Fogarty,

Principal.                                                                    Exams Secretary.