Supervised Study and Revision Classes at Easter 2019.

Revision Classes.

As part of our work to assist students prepare for the Leaving Cert exams, the school with the assistance of the Parents Association will provide Revision classes in English H.L and Higher and Ordinary Level Maths, Irish and French  free of charge for those who sign and commit to doing the class. Students can only attend if they have signed up to do that class. The registration sheet will be sent around the Leaving classes at the end of this week.


English Higher Level Wednesday the 24th of April 2019. 0930 – 1600.

Irish (both levels) Tuesday the 23rd of April. 0930-1230 (Ord level), 0930 – 1600 (Higher Level).

Maths Higher Level Wednesday 24th of April 2019. 0930 – 1600.

         Ordinary Level Thursday 25th of April 2019. 0930- 1600.

French Higher and Ord Level Friday 26th of April (0930- 1130 both levels, Higher Level (0930- 1600).

The facility of Supervised study is available to take place on Monday 15th of April, Tuesday 16th of April, Wednesday 17th of April, Thursday 18th of April, Friday 19th of April 2019  in the Lecture Room 41/42. Study times are as follows:

0930 -11.30 a.m.

11.45-1.00 p.m.

2.00-4.30 p.m.

The cost for the five days will be €30- which must be paid in a closed envelope with your name to the office before Tuesday the 9th of April.   However, in order for the study facility to go ahead there must be at least twenty students paid up for the study by 9/4/19 otherwise we will not proceed with it.

All students must sign the roll and the following rules apply:

All students must comply with school rules apart from uniform.

There will be silence at all times and the instructions of the supervisor must be accepted.

Any student who is disturbing the study session will be asked to leave and forfeits their place in study.

Any student may be referred by the supervisor to the Principal for further sanctions.