Tullow Community School is delighted to announce their new school musical, High School Musical, which is taking place from the 24th to the 26th October 2018. This energetic and fun musical is sure to have the audience singing, dancing and laughing their way through the show. Directed by Caroline Doyle, High School Musical stars Kaleim Lucas as Troy Bolton and Ali O’Neill as Gabriella. Aaron Ronan and Ashlie McHutcheon play the dramatic siblings, Ryan and Sharpay Evans. Keisha Moloney portrays Taylor McKessie and Chad Danforth is played by Tyresse Mensah. There are over seventy students involved in the production both on and off stage. Between rehearsals, singing, dancing, backstage and front of house, the students have been busy making this production special and memorable for everyone attending! Together with the help of the Parents’ Association, the staff and the students of Tullow Community School and the local business community, this is sure to be a fun night for all the family. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the show at 8pm on Wednesday, 24th of October, Thursday, 25th of October and Friday, 26th of October in the Town Hall, Tullow. For tickets priced at €12 for adults and €7 for students, please ring the office in Tullow Community School on 059-9151473. We look forward to seeing you there!