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Active Schools Flag Page


This Page will keep all parents students and teachers updated on all the activities going on in the school to help promote an active school. The school is hoping to apply for the Active school flag this year and is encouraging all students to get Active.

The school has many plans in place for the year to help promote fitness wellness and to encourage students to get active. The Parents association are running the schools first ever annual 5km and 10km in October and are looking for as many students to take part as possible. The PE department will be running a 5km for all students in their PE class in September to show how it can be done and how everybody can achieve success.
There will be the reintroduction of lunch time sports this year starting with first year leagues and if the school is successful in its all weather pitch grant this will expand to all year groups.
This page will keep you updated on all events that are taking place for the Active schools and keep everybody undated.

The school are looking for as many students as possible to run the schools first ever road race and will be doing a practice in PE class next week where all 600 pupils will do a 5km walk/run during class.
Tullow 5km times 1st yr  

tullow 5km times 2nd yrs.xlsx  

tullow 5km times 3rd yrs.xlsx  tullow 5km times 5th yrs.xlsx  tullow 5km times 6th yrs.xlsx

​First year rounders league saw all five classes play during lunch time with some great excitement at lunch times with Pine coming out on top as winners in the final ending a great week of action in the sports hall at lunch time for the first years.


The parents association were delighted with the turn out for the schools first annual road race and could not believe so many students turned up.​