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Feb 19

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19 February 2018  RssIcon

Outfit 1 name: Girlwho Cried Wolf 

Team Members: Eibhlin Byrne (Model)

Made from: Sheep’s wool and velvet

Theme: This outfit made from sheep wool and velvet was created to show the darkness of lying and the affect it can have.

Outfit 2 name:Kartrashian

Team Members: Kacey O’Neill (model), Michaela McGowan, Niall Roberts.Two transition year students and a student from 5th year. Made from:cd’s, bin bags, polystyrene balls, plastic takeaway boxes

Theme: Today’s young people are heavily influenced by social media influencers and celebrities like the Kardashians, who use both invasive and non-invasive methods to enhance their natural beauty. We must aim to strike a balance between true inner beauty and what we are told is beautiful by the media! Be happy in your own skin and don’t change for anybody but yourself. 

Outfit 3 name: Binderella is created, made and modelled by Grace Maher, a fourteen-year-old second year student. Binderella is made from old white bin bags, damaged duct tape, used pot scrubs and 1 cent coins. Binderella is a fantasy-based design and is based around the knowledge of many children wanting to become princesses, even if it's just for one day. Binderella showcasing dreams come true. 

Outfit 4 name :Broken Pieces 

Team : Caitlin Dunne, Kellie Farrell and Frank Morris (model).  3 Transition year students from TullowCommunity School. 

The aim of our outfit is to promote bullying and positive mental health and well being. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally and with respect. The black fading into the silver on the trousers represents the good/positivity washing out the bad/negativity and the bottle caps on the jacket and the rim of the shoes represents opening up to the world. There are broken cd’s on the back of the jacket, the sleeves and on the shoes and they represent how broken you are when you are being bullied. There are also keyboard keys on the shoes and they represent cyber bullying.